Body Image and Confidence.

So last night was the glorious Victoria’s Secret fashion show, and as a straight 28 year old male, it was a nice bit of eye candy, and I’m okay with admitting that. Did I sit there and ogle and high five my “bros” and make obscene comments? Nah. Yes, many of those women are gorgeous, and that’s why they’re lingerie models. It’s no different than a guy with an enormous penis going into porn. Though, let’s not confuse anything here. Not all gorgeous women are underwear models, and the same goes for the porn statement. But good for those who use their natural “gifts” to their benefit.

Let’s move onto the body image thing. I think in today’s age, people are wayyyyyyyy too focused on body image and all that jazz. Body acceptance has turned from acceptance, to backhanded hate. It’s almost a bad thing now-a-days to be thinner, or in shape. I agree that if you’re bigger or you don’t conform to the “standard” that you should still be positive about your body. If you feel like you can improve, then go for it, work hard, and get that look you’ve always wanted. But I don’t think anybody should feel ashamed of what they have, and you should only do that for you and nobody else.

More on the point of thinner bodies, like the Victoria’s Secret models. In my experience, people, and again, this is my experience, but mostly women trash talk these women. “They’re too skinny. They starve themselves. They’re all make-up and Photoshop.” And personally, that bothers me. I’m a skinny guy. I’m 28 years old, 5’10” 128lbs. Do you think I starve myself for this? Nope, I eat like a fiend, and most of it junk. Yet, I’ve gained about 15 pounds since highschool. It’s just genetics. My sister is about 5’0″ 90lbs. My mother the same. It’s how we’re built, so should we be body shamed because it’s now more acceptable to be bigger? No.

I want to touch on the stereotype that models starve themselves, or just cake on the make up, and even the Photoshop thing. I don’t think models have starved themselves for decades now. They have healthy diets and exercise. It’s their job to be fit and in shape, right? Unlike the average Joe, they have 8 hours a day to work out while the rest of us are at work. The make up comment gets to me too, a bit. I’ve heard people say that, but as they say it I can’t help but notice the 3cm thick layer of foundation on their face. Sure, models have professional make-up artists to help cover up their blemishes, and the same principle applies to Photoshop. Ultimately these models are naturally beautiful, there’s no denying that, and at the same time companies use these models to sell their product. I think that’s something the majority of people forget. Nobody gets angry at car companies for waxing and polishing the new Honda Civic before its photoshoot, or the commercial. Every product is run through post production, and these girls, or men, or whomever, is partly the product, or at least being used to enhance the product.

In the end, people should be accepted for who they are. Whether they’re an overweight gamer, or a stunning model, we should all be treated the same, and for people who are less than perfect (99.9%) of the population, we shouldn’t be jealous of these models. They’re beautiful, but so are you.

Anyway, look for another post later today on workplace trust, and productivity. It may feel a bit ranty like this one, but I’ll get back to observational stuff, and even a few interviews in the coming days!

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