Stranger than Fiction.

For all the oddities found in fiction, there is but one thing stranger than that… You guessed it, life. Life is so strange and surreal (which is a strange way to put it, but shh), and with all the things that happen everyday, it’s no wonder we need an escape from reality. And what do we do to escape? Read, write, watch, listen. And the things we read and watch, and write are generally very bizarre. Sure, there are the real life dramas and whatnot, but even they have a tinge of absurdity to them. I’ve always found it a bit strange, at least personally, that my favorite form of escapism is horror. Life itself is pretty terrifying, and surviving real life things like bills, and income, and all that jazz is a real life horror, so what do I do? I read, write, and watch people getting mercilessly killed. 🙂

I’m not the only one though, obviously. Horror is a massive market, and people use it to escape the trials and tribulations of real life all the time, but it’s still strange to me. Comedy I completely get; romance is another one that makes sense. They can take your mind of things, and keep it happy, and generally afterwards you feel a sense of joy. Action and adventure gets to let you escape on some wild dream and live the life of an adventurer, or a CIA agent – and that’s super cool! But horror, it’s scary, and while it’s fun to be scared, it doesn’t lead to a generally good feeling afterwards. Of course there are some exception – really bad horror movies, with garbage acting and piss poor stories – kind of make you giggle at it. But a good horror film or book will leave you with a chill when you’re finished with it. You can’t sleep, you can’t get the though out of your head. Why do we want to feel like that?

But back to the point at hand: life being super weird. I had an experience the other night with a glass dinner table exploding for no reason in the middle of the night. Before that a weird and maybe drunk guy was pounding on my front door asking for a woman named Linda. I don’t know a Linda. Before that a car drove through the front of the house – I didn’t live there at the time, but you know, still odd. There are countless stories, and don’t worry, I’ll elaborate on the aforementioned stories in this week’s podcast.

However, for all the events and occurrences life throws at me, I have yet to use any as a theme, or plot, or even inspiration for a story. I don’t know why, maybe I get bored recanting old stories and writing them becomes a task? I don’t know, I’ve never actually attempted it. I much prefer to use my imagination when coming up with plots and characters. Which is strange, because life is so weird, you’d think it’d make for a great story or two.

Anyway, this is a bit of a shorter one, but I’m a bit strapped for time. So, I hope you enjoyed!

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