Happy Birthday!

So, this is going to be a more personal post than usual. It’s not going to have much, if anything to do with writing, or creativity, or…any of that jazz. Hey, that’s the perk of running your own site. 🙂

Today is my Fiancee’s 27th birthday! She’s been the light of my life since the day we met, which has been over a year now. I know what you’re thinking! Engaged in less than a year. You’re crazy. That maybe so, but I knew instantly that she was the one for me. I think it was 6 weeks before we were engaged. When ya know, ya know. And I knew. There’s nothing we don’t agree upon – except seafood. She would bathe in it given the opportunity, whereas I think it should be purged from the Earth. But besides that, we get along better than two peas in a pod.

Arguments are something 99.9% of couples go through. But in the last year we haven’t had a fight, or a disagreement. I would say the extent of our bickering has settled upon a brief misunderstanding. There’s never any blame, and we both understand where the other comes from on varying topics. She’s the best thing in the universe, and I’m by far the luckiest man alive. Of that I am sure, and I’m not generally sure about anything.

So while she is out to lunch with her mum and sister, I’m able to squeak in this PDA filled post before running out to do some pre-birthday errands, which I cannot disclose here for she might read it :P.

Nevertheless, I just wanted to say to her, again, for the world to see, that I love you. You are my inspiration, you are my muse, you are my everything. I don’t know where I would be without you, and I know that you’ve saved me. I love you more than everything else in this universe, and I wish you the happiest of all the birthdays that have ever been had.

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