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Quintin Peterson, just who is he? I’d be hard-pressed to believe that you haven’t heard of the award winning Guarding Shakespeare Cover BIGGERnoir author. But for those of you in the dark, allow me to introduce him to you. Quintin is a retired officer of the law, hailing from Washington, DC. He spent more than 28 years working for the public, and his stories tell the tales of crime through the eyes of an experienced author. He’s the writer of two novels, a poetry book, and a novella. Beyond that, he’s a contributor to several anthologies – the list of accomplishments Quintin has achieved is extraordinary, and his resume of awards stems back to his days as a teenager, be honored with such awards as University of Wisconsin’s Science Fiction Writing Award, the National Council of Teachers of English Writing Award, and the Wisconsin Junior Academy’s Writing Achievement Award. That’s just a handful of what he has done. Suffice it to say, Quintin Peterson is a very talented, intelligent, and hardworking man.

“Peterson’s novel is a lush tale of noir fiction in the spirit of the appealing thief utilizing all his wits against almost insurmountable odds.”

Now that you have some insight on the man himself, allow me to introduce to you his novella Guarding Shakespeare. Set in a noir style atmosphere, the story tells the tale of a dedicated guard who’d been watching the prized possessions of an era long past in The Folger Shakespeare Library – and as the description says, who better to pull off an inside job than Special Police Officer Lt. Norman Blalock, the aforementioned officer. In a tale that is no doubt full of surprise, intrigue, and suspense, it’s a required reading for fans of the genre.

The Folger Shakespeare Library is the world’s largest repository of Shakespeareana and English Renaissance books, manuscripts, and objects d’art. Nobody alive knows the library better than Special Police Officer Lt. Norman Blalock; he’s been guarding it for 25 years. That’s why he is the perfect candidate to pull off an inside job and heist from the library’s underground bank vault a priceless artifact that can rock the foundation of English Literature…

Critics and reviews are raving about the book, with the Literary Fiction Book Review calling it, “Peterson’s novel is a lush tale of noir fiction in the spirit of the appealing thief utilizing all his wits against almost insurmountable odds.”

Karen Lyon of the Hill Rag went onto boast, “In the time-honored tradition of noir fiction, Quintin Peterson doesn’t shy away from exploring the lengths to which people will go to feed their greed. In his world, things are seldom what they seem. They’re generally much, much worse – but a heck of a lot of fun to read.”

And lastly, the Book Viral Review had this to say: “Guarding Shakespeare hits all the right notes when it comes to keeping the reader guessing as to the final outcome, it’s also very successful in mixing grittier moments with lighter elements, though not in a way that deflates intrigue or tension. Added to sharp, well nuanced dialogue and  an eclectic mix of characters, Peterson has delivered a genuine page turner”

I’ll put links to the full versions of these reviews a little later on. Guarding Shakespeare has won over many a people, much like Quintin as an author has. His work speaks for itself, which is why this is a bit different than my usual From the Mind of… series.

The Amazon customer review section of this book has it sitting at 4.5 stars, with many customers more than satisfied with the purchase. It seems that wherever you go, Quintin Peterson’s Guarding Shakespeare is pleasing readers. Like I said, it’s a must read for those who are already a fan of the Noir genre – but even if you’re not, after reading Guarding Shakespeare, you very well might be.

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