First off, I’d like to apologize about yesterday. It was a crazy day with a furnace breaking and waiting around for a repair guy, as well, headaches suck, so yeah. Anywhoo, I’m back today with a bit of an update regarding my next piece of work! I teased in the last few posts about a new story I have coming out around February – well, it’s February 1st! Two weeks before the wonderful corporate holiday, Valentine’s Day. Why release it then?

Well, it’s a love story – to a degree. It’s a short story, too, so don’t hold out for an Epic Helen of Troy style tale. No, it’s far more intimate than that, and I don’t mean porn. It’s the story of an introverted man, and a shy, but perky girl who meet – by happenstance – at a bar one night. The two do something out of character for the both of them and run off into the night together. The rest of the story follows their relation for the next few months.

Usually this isn’t my style, but I remember feeling the need to sit down and write something in a night – maybe while drunk, too. There wasn’t much editing done to it, either, which I feel adds to the charm of the tale itself. I know I mentioned sitting down and writing a full novella in a night, which didn’t work. But, this one, due to its smaller size, was much easier to accomplish, and I think that it’s pretty enjoyable for those who are fans of romantic sagas. Sagas? Maybe a bit much for a 10,000 word story. Nevertheless, it’s not an expensive piece, so if you’re interested, I say pick it up.

The book will be available at a number of places, all for 99 cents. So it’s a steal, really! iBooks is one location – though I don’t have a link for that, Just search Casey Chaplin in iTunes, and it’ll pop up.

Barnes and Noble is another carrier.

And lastly, Smashwords.

These are all pre-order available, so you can add it to your cart, and checkout on the 1st of February, or I believe you can pay now as well, and have it downloaded on the release day.

Your support would be awesome, and I hope for those of you who do read it, that you enjoy it!


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