Life Drawing.

As you may know, I do some modelling on the side. It’s fun way to be apart of the arts, while having no concept of how to draw, paint, or sculpt – plus it’s a nice little income as well. Now, by no means do I consider myself a traditional model. I’m a bit short (5’10”-ish), skinny, and a little out of shape. I’m sure if I took care of my body better I could land a few more gigs. But that’s more for underwear or fashion stuff. I’m willing to take my clothes off, which I guess, in some instances, allows me the freedom of having more jobs to choose from.

Last night I modeled for an art class of about 15 people, I’ve done it a bunch of times, but the medium is still new to me. There’s a lot of quick-ish thinking involved to keep the show going. I have to come up with poses off the top of my head, and remember good ones, or requests. It’s totally different than doing a photoshoot where the photographer poses you for a few seconds here, a few seconds there. You’d be surprised how challenging it is to hold a pose for 20 minutes without moving at all.

Today I’m all achy, but I’m also a bit ill, so that could play a role, but the fact remains that holding a bent pose, or a kneel, or anything for that matter for that long strains your muscles. So, I think I need to starting exercising again if I’m to keep this up. Anyway, I’ll share some pictures below. These ones were drawn by Karen Klucowicz. She’s an incredible artist, with an open mind, and she’s also somebody  I’ll be working with in the future. She’s got a lot of great ideas, and I think with her art and my writing, we can take her ideas and make them into something magical.







As you can see, she’s very talents. Those are just quick sketches, as I assume that’s what most artists do in these classes. Like I said, I’ve modeled for photographers as well, but I won’t put those ones on here. They might be a bit too revealing. However, I was featured in an article recently, so if you’d like to read that, and see the subsequent photo’s, just shoot me a message in the comments, or through the contact page.

If you want to see more stuff by Karen, you can find her on Facebook. Her personal website will be launching (hopefully) this weekend as well, so I’ll get that link for you when it’s all ready.

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