Oh, Canada. How the weather you display is so very messed up. For those of you in and around the GTA, you know this fact well, and it was proven yesterday for any doubters. The morning was about 10 degrees, or so it felt, and pouring rain. That lasted until around 1pm, give or take, before it gave way to 100km/h winds, and a nice flurry of snow before plummeting to around -7. Suffice it to say, things are a bit wonky this morning. Usually I’ll be at work composing this post, but not today! Nope, my car doors are frozen shut. Solid. Nearly broke the handle off the driver and passenger doors in the process.

It’s not all bad – I don’t particularly like my job, and my fiancee is sick – so I can stay home and take care of her. As well, I’m supposed to be starting some online classes today, so I suppose worse things could happen. Maybe I’ll spend some time writing today as well. I’ll have the time, but that’s often when I falter the most. I’ll sit here and think, Oh, it’s only noon, I still have like 12 hours in the day… and fuck off to do something else very unproductive. Damn you video games. But, who knows. I’d like to get back to my detective novella, that’d be all right. I mean, It’s a little more than half way done, so any progress is good progress.

You may have noticed a far less frequent update in posts lately. There are two reasons for that. First, I don’t want to blow my proverbial load in the first month of having this up. I think I posted about 20 things in 15 days, which is a lot of topics to cover. I don’t think I’ll ever run out of ideas and subjects to cover, but I’d like to spread it out. Secondly, I don’t want to burn myself out, which is what I was feeling was happening. And lastly, I would love to do some more interviews! That is far and away my favorite thing to do on here. I’ll keep searching for more people to get on here, but until then, you can enjoy my inane ramblings. 🙂

One last thing before I wrap up this fairly short post: I’ve decided to take some advertising space out for Lizzy. I know I’ve always said I didn’t want to write it for commercial success as I did fear it wouldn’t sell. However, I did want to get some awareness of it, and some exposure for myself as well. But, after about a week of ads running, and more than 500 clicks directly to my Amazon page, I’ve not sold a single book. See, told ya it wasn’t a marketable story. Nevertheless, I’ll keep it running for maybe another few days. I don’t really have the funds to keep it going longer. Hopefully I’ll get one sale from it. That would be nice.

Until next time!

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