It’s Been a While.

As the title says, it’s been a couple of days since I’ve made a post. It’s been a bit busy on my end with a lot of little projects going on. By projects I mean some online classes, work, and writing/editing/marketing books. So suffice it to say, there hasn’t been much time for the blog, or blog related things such as podcasts and The Shovelcidal Maniac series. I’ll hopefully get back to doing those things in the near future. However, mixed among my other not-so-projects is an actual project!

Do you remember the life drawing post? I put some pictures up that a woman by the name of Karen drew during the art class for which I modeled. Well, I also hinted that she and I would be working together on a series of, what she calls, intimacy cards. What is that you say?! Think of them like a Hallmark card, but for lovers. They feature original artwork by Karen of a sexual or intimate nature, and then a little story or poem by me. The purpose of these cards is to give to your better half as a romantic gift, or to sneak them away in luggage if one of you travels a lot of business or family.

When she introduced the idea to me, I thought it was pretty damn neat… Sorry for the 50’s slang, but it was! I’d not heard of anything like it before, and if truth be told, I thought it was a good idea. We have greeting cards for every, and I mean every, possible occasion. And sure there are love cards, featuring the emotional side of love. But how about love in the physical expression? Sex is a part of any relationship at one point or another, and it seems that in the mass view of it, that part is overlooked for whatever reason. We can show sex on TV, but heaven forbid it makes its way into a greeting card store as a serious product.

Granted, I don’t believe it’s our goal to have these hit the shelves in a brink and mortar store – I mean, I wouldn’t be against it – but it’s unlikely. For now they’ll be available on her website when they’re finished. I’ll provide a link in a little bit. But I want to talk more about this topic a bit: sex and all that fun stuff.

Now, everybody is entitled to their opinion, especially when it comes to their own body and how they use it. I get that not everybody is comfortable naked, or being promiscuous, or whatever, but there is also no shame, at all, in expressing yourself if you want to. There are nude beached and clubs you can go to if you like being naked with like-minded individuals. There are indeed sex clubs and swinger’s joints out there for those a little more bold. So obviously it’s a thing people enjoy, and in certain circles it’s celebrated.

If you’ve read any of my stuff on here, you’ll know I’m super open minded. Nudity and sex are just another part of life, and they’re literally the most natural things in the world. You’re born naked, and you have to have sex to reproduce, which is, you know, sort of key to the survival of the species. That may sound dumb, as 90% of humans are self aware (that’s a number I just made up, don’t hold me to it.), and they don’t have sex for the sole purpose of having kids. A good chuck do it because it’s fun and it feels good. But ultimately, it’s ingrained in us, in the oldest part of our brains, that sex is important. That is probably why it feels fantastic, too.

If it didn’t feel good, or if it were painful, we wouldn’t do it and the human race would die off. I don’t want to linger on this too long, but for all those out there that think “Oh, I’m waiting for the one. I want to marry the first man/woman I sleep with” is the only way to go, I do apologize, but that goes against everything that is natural. That is generally a religious belief – religion being man made – and really doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. But again, I’d never fault anybody for holding said belief, I just don’t see any merit in it myself.

I’ve gone off topic a bit. This was meant to be about the intimacy cards! They’ll be ready soon, and you can get a preview of the work here!

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