So, many of you know that I’ve taken on a few projects as of late – well I’d been working on one in secret. I have no artistic (that is drawing) ability whatsoever. That includes painting as well.

A sample – My Dog

But, I used to be a semi-professional photographer, and I used to be pretty good at Photoshop as well, so I thought I’d combine the two to make a web store on a site called redbubble.

I thought it’d be a fun little side project, and I’m loving making the prints, which are also available in various forms, such as shirts, iPod covers, laptop sleeves, etc… I found that making them very minimalist turned out to be the coolest, and most appealing to look at, and so that what I’ve done. A lot are black and white, very simple pictures morphed into something that looks nothing like a photograph.

final fantasy
Another Sample: Cloud FFVII

Of course, some are in colour too, but they’ve been turned into abstract style pieces. Furthermore, I’ve combined another love of mine into the process – Video games! I grew up playing games like Donkey Kong, Mario, Metroid, Final Fantasy… the list could go on forever, so I decided to make some designs using those themes as well. There’s probably something for everybody in my store.

So please, if you would, take a look-see at my work, and by all means, make a purchase if you feel the need! It would be great support, and it’s something I’ll never forget and I’ll be forever grateful.

You can check it out here


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