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For anybody who’s read my blog in the last several months knows that I tend to stay on the topic of art, creativity, and literature. That’s cool, but with all the violence and hate going on in the US and the rest of the world, I feel like I have to get a bunch of jazz off my chest. I’ve been ignoring all the news stories and issues for way too long know, and I’ve just gotta say a couple of things.

Last night there was a shooting in Dallas at a “peaceful” protest over the violence of black people in America. And with all “peaceful” protests, it seems, it turned violent. I can’t help but think the protest was just a way to get a bunch of law enforcement officials in one spot to hurt, or kill as many as possible, and that’s what happened. The last report I read had 5 officers killed, and 12 injured due to gun shot wounds. It’s a bit ironic, ya know, because a video showing people chanting “Don’t Shoot,” was ringing out. Anyway, all this stems from the recent news of a couple of black men being shot for seemingly no reason.

I won’t dwell on that too much as well all know the stories. However, unless I’m mistaken, both men did have guns on them. Now, is that a reason to shoot somebody? No, absolutely not. Would the officers have shot the men if they were white? Hard to say. People easily point the finger at a cop for pulling the trigger, and while I’m not defending their actions, I try to look at every story from both sides. With all the animosity towards cops in the US now-a-days, it’s got to be a hard job, especially in… “conservative” states. As the black people feel, the cops must have the same inclination that people are out to get them. They’re on edge, and trying to protect themselves. It’s easy to see, really. Some people call them out for being murderers and racists – which they may well be – but throw yourself in that scenario.

In the case of Alton Sterling, the only reason police were called to his location was because somebody had reported that he had pointed a gun at somebody and threatened them. What are the cops supposed to do in that situation? Go in all lazy and ask him not to shoot somebody and walk away? No, they have to go in aggressively and authoritatively. They detained him, and probably with excess  force, and ultimately shot him when they discovered the gun. Did they have to? Absolutely not. Nobody should have to kill somebody unless their life is in immediate danger. These cops were in no immediate danger, that is apparent. With that said, adrenaline and the fight or flight reflex kicks in, and one of the officers made a dumb and rash decision to shoot the guy.

A couple days after that story breaks, a black man is shot in his car for reaching for his insurance papers. A dumb reason to shoot somebody, but at this point everybody, and I mean everybody on either side of this fight is on the brink. Cops knows that people are angry, and people, (especially) black people feel targeted and afraid. It’s a stew that’s brewing over the top. Both parties knows how the others feel, and the tension in even a traffic violation has to be palpable. The officer must be thinking, “This guy thinks I’m his enemy.” The black guy is probably thinking, “This guy thinks I’m thinking he’s my enemy.” And then the man reaches for something, the cop can’t quite see what, even though he knows what it is – paper – and pulls the trigger. Another dumb and rash decision drawn out of fear ended a man’s life. It’s sad.

Fast forward to the protest last night. 5 innocent people lost their lives. Does that make it right? Is suddenly Alton Sterling back walking around the streets as if some vengeance is some kind of miracle that has a Lazarus effect? No. He’s still dead, and now 5 other people are too. You know what that’s called, when people kill other people over something that has nothing to do with them? It’s called war. People dying for a “cause” that their told they have to care about. It’s dumb, there’s no other word for it. Well, I guess stupidity rings close. The people who pulled the trigger at the protest in Dallas are no better, and in many ways worse than the officers who killed those black men for no reason. They were at least doing their job – albeit poorly. They didn’t walk into a known hangout of black men and opened fire for no reason, they were on duty.

Now, I’ve also heard people saying that cops are abusing their power. Sure, I get that. And absolutely some are. There’s corruption everywhere, in every profession. People are just that, people. They aren’t machines, and not everything is black and white. Life is more or less all grey area and what’s right to one, may be wrong to another. It’s life. I would find it hard to believe that all of the cops out there are corrupt bullies with a race war agenda on their minds.

But let’s look at it from yet another perspective, shall we? Who are the real villains here? I think there are two. The media, and that includes social media (like this blog!), that just feeds the public messages of hate. They’re quite clever with it too, unless it’s Fox news, which is just flat out absurd. You don’t hear in the news that “A police officer shot and killed a man selling CD’s” No, what you hear is “Black man killed by white police officers.” Same message, to a degree, just worded so that we know that it was a black man down on his luck shot by an authoritative white man. I would have loved to see news outlets just say a man was shot after being arrested, and leave out race all together. Would it be such a focus then, on the colour of somebody’s skin? No, probably not. The media has been causing panic for as long as its been a thing. Remember Ebola? Yeah, exactly. This story will pass just as those did.

Take a look at the media for a second. They’re so predictable and transparent, it’s so sickening. The main stories are always about violence – of course, violence sells. But wait two weeks, maybe less, and they’ll turn the world’s attention to something else – probably back to ISIS, and slowly this whole hate crime stuff will go by the wayside. It always happens. The debate will rage on for a couple weeks, then a lion will get shot in Africa (Cecil, anybody?), and that’s all anybody will care about. Trump will say something ludicrously retarded (putting a wall around America, ring any bells?), or there will be a terrorist attack (Paris, Istanbul) .

See, all things we’ve forgotten about now. Wasn’t it just two weeks ago that Orlando had the biggest mass shooting in American history? It seems everybody’s forgotten. That is, essentially, how reliant the masses are on their news. Depending on what outlet they get their information from, people are told how they should feel, and subsequently feel that way for a short time, until they’re told they need to feel this way about something else. Sheep, is a good word for it.

I swear, on my Facebook feed, there are people (one in particular) who change their profile picture to an overly of the flag, or whatever of whatever disaster took place. They had the French flag overlay after Paris. They had the rainbow flag after Orlando, and after Istanbul, another overlay. At that point you just look mindless. Like you have no control over your own thoughts and feelings towards any given event.

The second thing I blame, and this is actually a debate that’s been going on for decades. Guns. Fucking guns. How dumb does one nation have to be to see that guns are the root of all problems. Seriously. GUNS! Gah, it’s so enraging to see people saying “well this wouldn’t have happened if everybody had a gun.” YES IT FUCKING WOULD! AND IT WOULD BE WORSE YOU DUMB INBRED ASSHOLE!

Sorry. It pisses me off. The “logic” used to dignify that reasoning is just plain nonsense. If Jim and Bill met on the street, and they both have guns, they get into a fight, and shoot each other, they both die, right? But what happens if, gasp, neither man had a gun? A few fists thrown, a broken nose maybe? What seems worse? A shoot out, or a punch out? Think about it. It’s so ridiculous that a nation is so dead-set on something that was written 200 fucking years ago. People go on and say it’s apart of their history, it’s their nations word, and it can’t be changed. it’s called a fucking amendment, you dumb cunts. The very word that means “this can be changed.”

Now, of course there’s all of this crap about black lives matter, and gay lives matter, and all lives matter. Well, let me throw something at you, that I’ll probably catch a lot of flack for: No Lives Matter. Now, let me explain. The universe is an infinite thing, with no limits as to how far it stretches (hence infinite). There are also an infinite amount of planets, and stars, and galaxies, and solar systems, which leads to the conclusion that there must be a near infinite amount of life-forms out there too, with their own societies and cultures, just like we have. So let’s just calm out tits for a second and think – we mean nothing. We’re here for a speck of time. Less than 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% of the time in the universe. Yet, here we are bickering over pointless things, like war and violence. I get it, it’s your life, and you want to live it how you want, and start all the revolutions you want. That’s fine, but don’t expect anybody to care when it’s over. Like next week, when the media tells us to care about something else.

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