Lizzy is just a young girl with a terrible mind.. She lived in a relatively comforting and loving home, with caring parents, and had a strong relationship with her best friend, Malcolm. However, despite the stability in her life, she couldn’t help but feel as though she was an outsider – somebody who never really fit in with society. She wasn’t one to play with dolls, or have tea parties; she was far too sophisticated for that. She was too curious.

Her normal life turned for the worse one evening when she was introduced to a new babysitter: A seemingly gentle elderly man. On that fateful night, Lizzy drank a cup of tea and blacked out, only to awaken in a strange world manifested within her dreams… Or was it. The mystical Gerard welcomed her to his land of intrigue, but also told her things – horrible and awful things which she believed to be true. When she awoke in the real world, her life would be forever changed.


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