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Necromancy… And Other Mystical Things:

Chip was just an ordinary fella. In fact, there wasn’t anything special about him at all, or so he thought. It’s funny how life can change seemingly over lunch, and for Chip, when the smell of death began to emanate from his body, his life changed completely. After some convincing by his roommate, Mort, Chip reluctantly accepted that maybe, just maybe, he happened to be a necromancer – one who can raise and control the dead – which was a handy skill to have after his girlfriend was kidnapped by Mephisto, a former general of Hell’s army. The fact that the two events occurred on the same day must have been more than a coincidence.

Chip teams up with his roommate, who also happens to be a voodoo witch doctor, and a djinn who runs a local shop to stop the demon and save Chip’s girl… who turns out to be the personification of Mother Earth. Suffice it to say, it was a complicated day.

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Lizzy is just a young girl with a terrible mind.. She lived in a relatively comforting and loving home, with caring parents, and had a strong relationship with her best friend, Malcolm. However, despite the stability in her life, she couldn’t help but feel as though she was an outsider – somebody who never really fit in with society. She wasn’t one to play with dolls, or have tea parties; she was far too sophisticated for that. She was too curious.

Her normal life turned for the worse one evening when she was introduced to a new babysitter: A seemingly gentle elderly man. On that fateful night, Lizzy drank a cup of tea and blacked out, only to awaken in a strange world manifested within her dreams… Or was it. The mystical Gerard welcomed her to his land of intrigue, but also told her things – horrible and awful things which she believed to be true. When she awoke in the real world, her life would be forever changed. confused, and hurt. But unlike Lizzy, most people don’t always feed the hunger for revenge.

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A dark verse poem published in Sanitarium Magazine.

Remember the Eleventh:

My first published piece. A poem based on Remembrance Day, and war veterans. Published in 2007 in D.O.T. Magazine.

Sanitarium Magazine:

Sanitarium Magazine saw me interview a number of authors, including Jonathan Maberry and Shawn French, creator of Escape from Jesus Island. Beyond that, I wrote number reviews of independent and upcoming novels.

Gwendolyn Kiste:

Gwendolyn is an accomplished writer herself, and she was kind enough to interview me in the past. Check out her site, and the interview she had done with me.