The Fear You Will Fall

Writing is a tough gig. Honestly, it’s such an subjective field that even if you’re a best selling author, or screenwriter, or whatever, people are still not going to like you. But, if you’re at that point, you’ve probably got as many, or more people who dig your work, so it’s all gravy. But what about those of us who have been at this writing thing for more than half of their life without any success? Continue reading “The Fear You Will Fall”


Oh, Canada. How the weather you display is so very messed up. For those of you in and around the GTA, you know this fact well, and it was proven yesterday for any doubters. The morning was about 10 degrees, or so it felt, and pouring rain. That lasted until around 1pm, give or take, before it gave way to 100km/h winds, and a nice flurry of snow before plummeting to around -7. Suffice it to say, things are a bit wonky this morning. Usually I’ll be at work composing this post, but not today! Nope, my car doors are frozen shut. Solid. Nearly broke the handle off the driver and passenger doors in the process. Continue reading “Frozen!”


First off, I’d like to apologize about yesterday. It was a crazy day with a furnace breaking and waiting around for a repair guy, as well, headaches suck, so yeah. Anywhoo, I’m back today with a bit of an update regarding my next piece of work! I teased in the last few posts about a new story I have coming out around February – well, it’s February 1st! Two weeks before the wonderful corporate holiday, Valentine’s Day. Why release it then? Continue reading “Happenstance.”

Body Image and Confidence.

So last night was the glorious Victoria’s Secret fashion show, and as a straight 28 year old male, it was a nice bit of eye candy, and I’m okay with admitting that. Did I sit there and ogle and high five my “bros” and make obscene comments? Nah. Yes, many of those women are gorgeous, and that’s why they’re lingerie models. It’s no different than a guy with an enormous penis going into porn. Though, let’s not confuse anything here. Not all gorgeous women are underwear models, and the same goes for the porn statement. But good for those who use their natural “gifts” to their benefit. Continue reading “Body Image and Confidence.”