Necromancy… And Other Mystical… Reviews?

Hey guys,

It’s been a while since I’ve done a personal post, but hey, I’ve been busy. Wrote a book, got married, give a guy a break. 🙂

I wanna talk to you about my latest book, Necromancy… And Other Mystical Things. Firstly, it’s a comedy, so that’s a change from my norm. Secondly, it just got a lovely five star rating from Readers’ Favorite, as evidenced by the following seal! Continue reading “Necromancy… And Other Mystical… Reviews?”


So, many writers have a certain genre they stick to, right? It’s not often you see a romance novel come out of a Stephen King, or an adult Dr. Seuss book. I mean, it does happen. Clive Barker went from fantasy horror to young adult, which is really fun to read as there are still the elements that made him famous in his other works. But what I’m getting at here is using something else as a form of release other than the usual stuff. I primarily write horror. It’s something I enjoy, and I feel I can get the story and atmosphere across better than any other type of fiction. But I love comedy. Continue reading “Comedy!”