People draw inspiration from all different kinds of sources, however I don’t mean creative or artistic inspiration. This post isn’t about that, in fact it’s about a very specific form of inspiration, and one that is semi-controversial, but not in a serious pro-life sort of way. I want to talk a little bit about superhero movies, or comics, well, just them in general. Continue reading “Inspiration.”

From the Mind Of…

Shawn French, the evilly kind-hearted creator of Escape from Jesus Island was kind enough to discuss with me the future of his wildly popular comic series. The series itself is mired in controversy, is full of gore, it’s EFJI crewvile, it’s disgusting – and we love it. Escape from Jesus Island is an incredibly crafted piece of art, which tells a fascinating story along with incredible art. Of course, a project of this magnitude takes a lot of work and collaboration, and Shawn had acquired some very, very talented individuals. In the interview below Shawn will talk about his work with Mortimer Glum and Peeter Parkker, as well as Eriv Pavone for work on a video game. Furthermore, he’ll talk about being discouraged, keeping at it, working hard, and finally getting to harvest those creative seeds. Shawn French is an intelligent and personable fellow, and his creativity oozes from every one of his pores. So please, take in the wisdom of one of the most twisted creative minds out there. Continue reading “From the Mind Of…”