Tell My Dad – Book Review

Ram Muthiah contacted through the site me with an advanced copy for review purposes.

Tell My Dad is a pretty interesting tale. It took me a while to get around to reading and writing it, but when I did, I read it in one sitting. Generally you would think that means it was a good read. Sometimes it means the complete opposite and you just want to be done with it. This title fits somewhere in between. I’ll keep the review as spoiler free as possible. Continue reading “Tell My Dad – Book Review”

From the Mind Of…

Quintin Peterson, just who is he? I’d be hard-pressed to believe that you haven’t heard of the award winning Guarding Shakespeare Cover BIGGERnoir author. But for those of you in the dark, allow me to introduce him to you. Quintin is a retired officer of the law, hailing from Washington, DC. He spent more than 28 years working for the public, and his stories tell the tales of crime through the eyes of an experienced author. He’s the writer of two novels, a poetry book, and a novella. Beyond that, he’s a contributor to several anthologies – the list of accomplishments Quintin has achieved is extraordinary, and his resume of awards stems back to his days as a teenager, be honored with such awards as University of Wisconsin’s Science Fiction Writing Award, the National Council of Teachers of English Writing Award, and the Wisconsin Junior Academy’s Writing Achievement Award. That’s just a handful of what he has done. Suffice it to say, Quintin Peterson is a very talented, intelligent, and hardworking man. Continue reading “From the Mind Of…”