The Fear You Will Fall

Writing is a tough gig. Honestly, it’s such an subjective field that even if you’re a best selling author, or screenwriter, or whatever, people are still not going to like you. But, if you’re at that point, you’ve probably got as many, or more people who dig your work, so it’s all gravy. But what about those of us who have been at this writing thing for more than half of their life without any success? Continue reading “The Fear You Will Fall”

Writer’s Laze.

Well, I suppose I’m alienating all those with a creative mind when I call it writer’s laze. I think it’s something any writer or artist goes through at any given time in their process. It doesn’t mean that you are a lazy person, or a lazy creator, nah, it has a couple of meanings, at least in my mind. Now, on a daily basis I can be lazy as fuck. I’ll be honest, there are days where I see the pile of laundry in the corner, have nothing to do, yet put it off. There are times where I’ll watch something on TV because I can’t be bothered to get the remote on the other side of the room, but when it comes to writing, it’s a whole different thing. Continue reading “Writer’s Laze.”

Life Drawing.

As you may know, I do some modelling on the side. It’s fun way to be apart of the arts, while having no concept of how to draw, paint, or sculpt – plus it’s a nice little income as well. Now, by no means do I consider myself a traditional model. I’m a bit short (5’10”-ish), skinny, and a little out of shape. I’m sure if I took care of my body better I could land a few more gigs. But that’s more for underwear or fashion stuff. I’m willing to take my clothes off, which I guess, in some instances, allows me the freedom of having more jobs to choose from. Continue reading “Life Drawing.”


What the title says. But first, let me dive into the story a bit deeper. As you may have noticed, over the last few weeks I’ve interviewed a handful of incredibly talented authors, many of whom have been published, and will be published again. If they aren’t successful right now, they will me. After speaking to them about their work, I got to see how much joy and pleasure talking about their accomplishments brought them, and not in a conceited arrogant way, but a legitimate happiness based on their accomplishments. Continue reading “Relaunch!”

At Odds.

So, it’s Friday, and I’m sitting in my office at work looking at my inbox, and I’m starting to seeĀ  a trend here. This will take a bit of back story, so bear with me for a moment or two.

In September I started a new job as a web administrator. When I got hired, I had a feeling that the company, which is small, didn’t quite understand what it is I would be doing. That’s weird, right? But whatever, I had a grasp of what to do despite incredibly poor communication from the higher ups. At least, that’s what I thought. My job went from web admin, which included other office support tasks, to having literally everything else in the business piled upon me. I’m now, apparently, responsible for contracts and product profiles, and contracts, and data entry, and…I’ve lost track to be honest. Continue reading “At Odds.”