From the Mind Of…

Michael Milne is relatively new to the authoring scene, but I firmly believe that before too long he’ll have one of his stories turned into a billion dollar a year HBO series. I just hope he remembers who interviewed him right at the start… Anyway, Mike has been a friend of mine since the wee years of kindergarten, and though our paths diverted later on in highschool, he’ll always hold a special place in my heart (cue the awes), and I couldn’t be prouder of his accomplishments. He’s a genius in more sense than one, and he’s a great all around guy. His talent was always going to take him places, and mixed with his adventurous spirit, it’s safe to say we’ve only see the start of his writing career. But, without further ado, enjoy his interview below. Continue reading “From the Mind Of…”

The Joys of Acceptance.

My last post talked mostly about rejection, but on the flip side there’s that euphoria of hearing that you are good enough after all. While the rejections come fast and hard, the successes are often few and far between – but that makes them all the more satisfying. Of course, I’m not saying that getting a hundred acceptance letters would be boring, but there’s something about that one in a million that just hits the spot. Continue reading “The Joys of Acceptance.”