From The Mind Of… Part 2.

Some of you may remember one of the very first From The Mind Of… interviews I did. It featured a beautiful young writer who had just finished up her first novel, a psychological thriller. At the time this young woman was all geared up and ready Danielleto self-publish her story, and when the time came for it to be released, it exploded. People on Amazon and Goodreads lauded it, with it garnering consistent five star reviews. Suffice it to say, Danielle Esplin and her debut novel Give It Back was a hit. Continue reading “From The Mind Of… Part 2.”

From the Mind Of…

Danielle Esplin is a charismatic, intelligent, and ridiculously talented person who is as beautiful on the Danielle Esplinoutside as she is on the inside. I was lucky enough to get to know her a over the last couple days, and although our meetings were strictly through email, I could just sense something about her. It’s difficult to explain, but while reading over her blog, and Instagram, and all that fun stuff, I got a real sense of drive and determination from her. She has a way with words, and it shows in the interview below. She’s incredibly smart, and it’s that intelligence that will drive her to success. Although she’s a woman of incredible talent, she has chose writing as an opportunity to share her talents with the world. Danielle’s first novel, Give it Back, is still in the final steps before publishing, but when it hits the shelves, look for her name to pop up more and more. Please, take a moment to read about her travels, thoughts, and ambitions. Continue reading “From the Mind Of…”