The Fear You Will Fall

Writing is a tough gig. Honestly, it’s such an subjective field that even if you’re a best selling author, or screenwriter, or whatever, people are still not going to like you. But, if you’re at that point, you’ve probably got as many, or more people who dig your work, so it’s all gravy. But what about those of us who have been at this writing thing for more than half of their life without any success? Continue reading “The Fear You Will Fall”


Oh, Canada. How the weather you display is so very messed up. For those of you in and around the GTA, you know this fact well, and it was proven yesterday for any doubters. The morning was about 10 degrees, or so it felt, and pouring rain. That lasted until around 1pm, give or take, before it gave way to 100km/h winds, and a nice flurry of snow before plummeting to around -7. Suffice it to say, things are a bit wonky this morning. Usually I’ll be at work composing this post, but not today! Nope, my car doors are frozen shut. Solid. Nearly broke the handle off the driver and passenger doors in the process. Continue reading “Frozen!”

What a Start.

Well, it’s safe to say that my 2016 started off…Not so great. As I mentioned, my fiancee and I decided to take a trip to Niagara Falls, which is about a 90 minute drive from where we live. Not too bad, right? Well, let’s start the day before New Years Eve. We have two cars, mine is hit or miss to start without blowing up, so we were going to take my ladies car. Except on the 30th, her fuel line, or something, broke causing it to spray gas when driving. Not too great. Figures. Continue reading “What a Start.”

From the Mind Of…

Quintin Peterson, just who is he? I’d be hard-pressed to believe that you haven’t heard of the award winning Guarding Shakespeare Cover BIGGERnoir author. But for those of you in the dark, allow me to introduce him to you. Quintin is a retired officer of the law, hailing from Washington, DC. He spent more than 28 years working for the public, and his stories tell the tales of crime through the eyes of an experienced author. He’s the writer of two novels, a poetry book, and a novella. Beyond that, he’s a contributor to several anthologies – the list of accomplishments Quintin has achieved is extraordinary, and his resume of awards stems back to his days as a teenager, be honored with such awards as University of Wisconsin’s Science Fiction Writing Award, the National Council of Teachers of English Writing Award, and the Wisconsin Junior Academy’s Writing Achievement Award. That’s just a handful of what he has done. Suffice it to say, Quintin Peterson is a very talented, intelligent, and hardworking man. Continue reading “From the Mind Of…”

From the Mind Of…

Julia Benally is more than an author with an eccentric past; she’s an author with a great future. I was lucky Juliaenough to sit down and have a chat with Julia, and I learned more about her, her ancestry, and her life than I could have ever hoped. She’s full of wisdom, and that’s no surprise given her background in teaching, but more importantly she’s down-to-Earth. Julia’s interview really touched me – she’s overcome quite a bit adversity, and has subsequently used that in her writings, which has paid off with several publications over the last year or so. But, without more jabber on my part, have a read, and take heed to what Julia Benally has to say. Continue reading “From the Mind Of…”