What The Hell…

For anybody who’s read my blog in the last several months knows that I tend to stay on the topic of art, creativity, and literature. That’s cool, but with all the violence and hate going on in the US and the rest of the world, I feel like I have to get a bunch of jazz off my chest. I’ve been ignoring all the news stories and issues for way too long know, and I’ve just gotta say a couple of things. Continue reading “What The Hell…”

Writer’s Laze.

Well, I suppose I’m alienating all those with a creative mind when I call it writer’s laze. I think it’s something any writer or artist goes through at any given time in their process. It doesn’t mean that you are a lazy person, or a lazy creator, nah, it has a couple of meanings, at least in my mind. Now, on a daily basis I can be lazy as fuck. I’ll be honest, there are days where I see the pile of laundry in the corner, have nothing to do, yet put it off. There are times where I’ll watch something on TV because I can’t be bothered to get the remote on the other side of the room, but when it comes to writing, it’s a whole different thing. Continue reading “Writer’s Laze.”

From the Mind Of…

Julia Benally is more than an author with an eccentric past; she’s an author with a great future. I was lucky Juliaenough to sit down and have a chat with Julia, and I learned more about her, her ancestry, and her life than I could have ever hoped. She’s full of wisdom, and that’s no surprise given her background in teaching, but more importantly she’s down-to-Earth. Julia’s interview really touched me – she’s overcome quite a bit adversity, and has subsequently used that in her writings, which has paid off with several publications over the last year or so. But, without more jabber on my part, have a read, and take heed to what Julia Benally has to say. Continue reading “From the Mind Of…”


Do you remember the first time you read your favorite book, or saw your favorite movie? Chances are you do. But do you remember the circumstances under which you fell upon your favorite anything? That might be a bit trickier. One of my all time top reads is a book by Dean Koontz called Odd Thomas. Some of you may be familiar with it, others might not. It’s about an unassuming hero who has been blessed, or cursed with the ability to see the dead. He’s made it his mission to help the dead with moving on to the other side. Continue reading “Memories.”

Stranger than Fiction.

For all the oddities found in fiction, there is but one thing stranger than that… You guessed it, life. Life is so strange and surreal (which is a strange way to put it, but shh), and with all the things that happen everyday, it’s no wonder we need an escape from reality. And what do we do to escape? Read, write, watch, listen. And the things we read and watch, and write are generally very bizarre. Sure, there are the real life dramas and whatnot, but even they have a tinge of absurdity to them. I’ve always found it a bit strange, at least personally, that my favorite form of escapism is horror. Life itself is pretty terrifying, and surviving real life things like bills, and income, and all that jazz is a real life horror, so what do I do? I read, write, and watch people getting mercilessly killed. 🙂 Continue reading “Stranger than Fiction.”