What a Start.

Well, it’s safe to say that my 2016 started off…Not so great. As I mentioned, my fiancee and I decided to take a trip to Niagara Falls, which is about a 90 minute drive from where we live. Not too bad, right? Well, let’s start the day before New Years Eve. We have two cars, mine is hit or miss to start without blowing up, so we were going to take my ladies car. Except on the 30th, her fuel line, or something, broke causing it to spray gas when driving. Not too great. Figures. Continue reading “What a Start.”

Something New.

The year. Yeah, okay, a poor attempt at wordplay, but hey, it’s new years eve which means…Well, nothing really. A lot of people make a big hullabaloo about the day, spend a tonne of money, get super hammered, and regret a lot of it. But, it’s all for that kiss at midnight, be it with a loved one, or a random stranger at a party. Either way, it’s meant to be a magical moment – of course, after you’ve wasted hundreds of dollars. Continue reading “Something New.”