First off, I’d like to apologize about yesterday. It was a crazy day with a furnace breaking and waiting around for a repair guy, as well, headaches suck, so yeah. Anywhoo, I’m back today with a bit of an update regarding my next piece of work! I teased in the last few posts about a new story I have coming out around February – well, it’s February 1st! Two weeks before the wonderful corporate holiday, Valentine’s Day. Why release it then? Continue reading “Happenstance.”

Back at It.

Well, after the new year debacle, I’ve decided to get right to my “resolution,” and get back to writing. I’ve got a hard drive full of stories that are incomplete, and are just begging to be finished. So I picked one that I thought would be fun and interesting to write, and ultimately read. A genre that I feel gets overlooked a bit is the pulp genre. Old school detectives solving the case with nothing more than intuition and observation. I love the genre, and I remember when I started writing this tale. Continue reading “Back at It.”

Something New.

The year. Yeah, okay, a poor attempt at wordplay, but hey, it’s new years eve which means…Well, nothing really. A lot of people make a big hullabaloo about the day, spend a tonne of money, get super hammered, and regret a lot of it. But, it’s all for that kiss at midnight, be it with a loved one, or a random stranger at a party. Either way, it’s meant to be a magical moment – of course, after you’ve wasted hundreds of dollars. Continue reading “Something New.”

From the Mind Of…

Quintin Peterson, just who is he? I’d be hard-pressed to believe that you haven’t heard of the award winning Guarding Shakespeare Cover BIGGERnoir author. But for those of you in the dark, allow me to introduce him to you. Quintin is a retired officer of the law, hailing from Washington, DC. He spent more than 28 years working for the public, and his stories tell the tales of crime through the eyes of an experienced author. He’s the writer of two novels, a poetry book, and a novella. Beyond that, he’s a contributor to several anthologies – the list of accomplishments Quintin has achieved is extraordinary, and his resume of awards stems back to his days as a teenager, be honored with such awards as University of Wisconsin’s Science Fiction Writing Award, the National Council of Teachers of English Writing Award, and the Wisconsin Junior Academy’s Writing Achievement Award. That’s just a handful of what he has done. Suffice it to say, Quintin Peterson is a very talented, intelligent, and hardworking man. Continue reading “From the Mind Of…”

From the Mind Of…

Julia Benally is more than an author with an eccentric past; she’s an author with a great future. I was lucky Juliaenough to sit down and have a chat with Julia, and I learned more about her, her ancestry, and her life than I could have ever hoped. She’s full of wisdom, and that’s no surprise given her background in teaching, but more importantly she’s down-to-Earth. Julia’s interview really touched me – she’s overcome quite a bit adversity, and has subsequently used that in her writings, which has paid off with several publications over the last year or so. But, without more jabber on my part, have a read, and take heed to what Julia Benally has to say. Continue reading “From the Mind Of…”