So, many of you know that I’ve taken on a few projects as of late – well I’d been working on one in secret. I have no artistic (that is drawing) ability whatsoever. That includes painting as well.

A sample – My Dog

But, I used to be a semi-professional photographer, and I used to be pretty good at Photoshop as well, so I thought I’d combine the two to make a web store on a site called redbubble. Continue reading “Art!”

Body Image and Confidence.

So last night was the glorious Victoria’s Secret fashion show, and as a straight 28 year old male, it was a nice bit of eye candy, and I’m okay with admitting that. Did I sit there and ogle and high five my “bros” and make obscene comments? Nah. Yes, many of those women are gorgeous, and that’s why they’re lingerie models. It’s no different than a guy with an enormous penis going into porn. Though, let’s not confuse anything here. Not all gorgeous women are underwear models, and the same goes for the porn statement. But good for those who use their natural “gifts” to their benefit. Continue reading “Body Image and Confidence.”