Like riding a bike… Sort of.

With the reemergence of the blog here, I’ve been reinvigorated to write again, slightly anyway. I’ve had some ideas flowing through my head lately, I mean, they’re always there like little voices scratching to get out of my skull, but my will to be lazy and discouraged usually outweighs it, shoving them back into my head where they belong. Anywhoo, I’ve been thinking about a new genre to look at. As much as I love horror, I haven’t been able to break into the market. And so I tried a comedy, it did worse than the horror one. Literally nobody has bought it, which is a shame because I think it’s got a good laugh or two in it.

So I started thinking: romance, maybe? Nah, I’d get too bored, and maybe even too turned on… Ahem, I mean, yeah… bored, let’s stick with that. I thought about sci-fi or fantasy but I don’t have 200,000 words in me to complete one of those Game of Thrones mammoths. Crime, thrillers, and mysteries are a dime a dozen. I couldn’t break into two niche genres, why on Earth could I break into that? Then while scrolling through Netflix, something caught my eye. A shit tonne of vampire crap. From Twilight to Vampire Diaries, and everything in between. I’ve always liked vampires and vampire lore, and just because that bastardized it, doesn’t mean it can’t be made whole again – made good again.

Am I the one to do it? Probably not, but I can try. And not so much vampire stuff, but maybe a Y.A. book. Young adult can be fun, serious, and have all the story telling techniques of classic literature, just wrapped in a simpler package, with shiny young adult hotties.

Now it may sound like I’m mocking the genre, and years ago I would have agreed. There was a time when I thought Necromancy would be a YA novel. It fit the bills, but I wanted to add a bit of my own gross Kevin Smith style humor to it. Anyway, I’ve been playing with an idea as of late that might suit the genre well. I was a young adult not that long ago, so I think that I could pass on some wisdom through it, life lessons and such as I understand the trials and tribulations that a low 20’s to late teen go through. Hell, I’m still going through good chunks of it. Late bloomer here.

I’ll give it a go one day in the near future and see how it goes. Who knows, maybe people will actually want to read it. After all, that’s all I’m after. I don’t care about sales or best seller lists. I don’t want awards and recognition, I just want somebody to read and enjoy my work… And if I make a buck along the way, all the better. 😉

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