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What is SeveredScissors?

Casey Chaplin – Owner

SeveredScissors is a dedicated place for authors to come and get noticed. It’s run by Casey Chaplin, who is an accomplished writer with works ranging from novels, short stories,  scripts, and countless interviews, reviews, and features.

That’s where you come in. If you’ve just released a book and would like to have it reviewed or featured on my site, contact me. If you’d like to be interviewed for the site as part of the From the mind of… series, that can be arranged.

My policy for reviewing/features/interviews for my From The Mind Of… series is quite simple. If you’re an author of any type, contact me through the contact form on the site. Present me with the details of the book, a link to where it can be purchased, and what you would like (interview, review, feature, all of the above). Once you make contact I’ll respond with the follow-up information. My turn around is usually a week for all services (depending on volume). There is no cost for these services.

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